Ondine Biomedical Goes to China!

Ondine Biomedical is proud to announce its expansion into the China market. We are doing so by forming a Joint Venture with Henan Zhengzhou Zhenghe Medical Device Co., Ltd. of China, called PDT Medical.

The JV calls for Ondine to provide the technical know-how for its two products that PDT Medical will be manufacturing: MRSAid and Periowave. Zhenghe will be responsible for the product registration with the China Food and Drug Administration, plus the manufacturing, distribution and sale of the product in China.

We would also like to thank the province of British Columbia’s International Trade and Investment Office for East China. They were instrumental in this deal by bringing the two parties together in Vancouver, and acting throughout as an independent third party vouching for the bona-fides of us and Zhenge: Thank you so much Ellen Xin for your great work!

Here is a sample of what Ondine is bringing to China:

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