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Vancomycin Resistance Creeping Upward in Canada

Philippe R. S. Lagacé-Wiens, MD, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, and his colleagues presented the results of a study at the 50th Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC).  He and his group observed that there has been a significant rise in the vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for Staphylococcus aureus in Canada over the last few years. Similar trends of Vancomycin MIC creep have been observed in the United States and United Kingdom over the past decade, laying grounds for concern about the potential development of new forms of S. aureus that are completely resistant to Vancomycin. Read more »

Photodisinfection for the treatment of Biofilm Infections

Bacteria, which are single-celled organisms, generally exist in either a free-floating, unattached (planktonic) state or in an attached state called a biofilm.  A planktonic form suggests these single celled organisms float or swim independently of each other in some liquid medium.  A biofilm, or attached state, is created with a change of behaviour triggered by many factors, including quorum sensing. A biofilm is a complex community of a number of different microorganisms coexisting together and marked by the excretion of a protective and adhesive matrix. The biofilm is held together and protected by the matrix, called extracellular polymeric substance or exopolysaccharide (EPS), holds the biofilm together, protects the cells within it and facilitates communication among bacteria through biochemical signals.  In a biofilm, cells are closely packed together and firmly attached to each other and usually to a solid surface. Read more »

Professor Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson, GRSC, MSc, PhD, DSc, FRCPath

Pro-Provost for Europe, UCL

Professor of Microbiology, Eastman Dental Institute, University College London

I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Professor Wilson and to share with you why he is well deserving of this recognition. In this day of Hollywood induced hero worship, there is insufficient recognition paid to the true heroes among us. Far too much attention is given to the wrong kinds of people, in my view, and not enough on those who make a real and lasting difference to mankind. Professor Wilson is a true global hero as his innovative work will lead to many lives saved and much human suffering alleviated. Read more »

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