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The Consequences of Untreated Bacterial Infections: My Strep Throat Story

In June of 2006, after a long bout of strep throat, and an equally long bout of unsuccessful antibiotic therapy, my life took a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse.  Rushed to the hospital with complaints of burning pain, numbness, vertigo, and extreme fatigue, I felt for the first time in my life that I might be dying— that I had a brain tumour or something equally horrible.

Shivering, in a make-shift emergency bed throughout most of the night, I underwent several dozen blood tests, neurological exams, and you name it—everything short of investigative surgery.  The hours passed slowly and painfully, while I lay there dumbfounded.   As morning eventually came and my vital signs were pronounced normal—albeit with signs of nerve damage— I was released into my doctor’s care with the recommendation that I see a neurologist and infectious disease doctor as soon as possible.  My search for a diagnosis had begun.

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